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This addon is inspired by a Japanese manga series known as Naruto. In all simplicity, it tells the story of a young ninja and his dreams of becoming the best and most knowledgeable ninja. Here is a great addon for anyone who is a fan of Naruto or just ninjas in general. It replaces a multitude of mobs, weapons and armors. It’s currently quite simple in terms of custom features but hopefully that can improve over time.

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account


The following weapons are dropped by mobs when they are killed.

  • Naruto’s Awesome Move (Bow) – Explosive high damage
  • Explosive Kunai (Egg) – Explosive, huge area of effect
  • Kunai (Snowball) – Deals a lot of damage
  • Shuriken (Ender Pearl) – Deals more damage than the Kunai, dropped by endermen and skeletons
  • Demon Wind Shuriken (Fishing Rod) – Bigger shuriken, one hits most mobs
  • Sasuke’s Sword (Diamond Sword) – Thin but strong blade
  • Samehada – Kisame’s Sword (Stone Sword) – Wielded by Kisame
  • Cleaver Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Combat Kunai (Wooden Sword) – Ninja sword
  • Shinobi Katana (Iron Sword) – Also a type of ninja sword


There are 7 new mobs in Minecraft. Since most of them are dangerous and have the ability to live both during the day and night it’s obvious that the game will get a bit more difficult. But at the same time you got some really nice weapons to help you out.

  • Itachi (Zombie Pigman) – Strong
  • B Class Enemy Ninjas (Skeleton) – Some type of ninja which uses chakra skills on you
  • Konan (Stray) – Uses chakra skills on you
  • Kisame (Wither Skeleton) – Wields a sword
  • Zetsu Clone (Husk) – Very dangerous mob, deals a lot of damage
  • A Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie) – Found both during the day and night, dangerous
  • S Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie Villager) – More rare than the above, but they are also the strongest of all ninjas/shinobis


The armor sets are replaced with a few different Naruto armors (or clothing). The armor sets don’t have any special abilities yet (due to addon limitations).

  • Jounin Armor (Diamond Armor)
  • Akatasuki Clothing (Gold Armor)
  • Naruto’s Jacket and Clothes (Iron Armor)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here!