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The My Hero Academia Addon is an addon based on the Anime My Hero Academia (Boku no hero academia).. Quicks of unknown origins in the world begin to appear, gradually, the rate of people having quicks on earth is over 80%.

This addon will cover mainly the quicks that have appeared in the anime and will be updated regularly. Hope your enjoi it!


Half Cold, Half Hot

-How to get quick:

enter command: /give @s hif:modee

-How to use

Android/IOS: Press to the screen

Win10: Right Click

-Skill 1: Ice (Cooldown 4.5s)

-Create ice, causes enemies to be slowed for 10 seconds, lock the enemy in ice, makes users slow for 5s and hungry 2s.

-Skill 2: Fire (Cooldown 2s)

-Burns the enemy in flames, restore the hunger bar

+If you are standing in fire and using this skill, you will have a regeneration effect 3 for 3s

-Skill 3: Back

-Back to normal and remove half cold half hot quick

-Quick: Explosive

-How to get quick

enter command: /function bakugou/[quick/armor/quick_and_armor]

-How to use

Android/IOS: Press to the screen
Win10: Right click

-Skill 1: Explode into the sky (Cooldown 1s)

-summon an explosion Deals 19 damages to enemies within 3 blocks and let you fly to the sky

-Skill 2: Explode forward (Cooldown 1s)

-Create 1 explosion causing 19 miniskirt for enemies and shoot you up 2 blocks

-Skill 3: AP Shoot (Cooldown 2s)

-Shoots 1 bullet to deal 30 miniskirt to the enemy and will explode after 1.2 seconds

-Quick: One For All

-How to get

-Enter command: /function midoriya/[quick/armor/quick_and_armor]

-Skill 1: Smash (Cooldown 8s)

-Creates a blast with massive damage

-Skill 2: Shot Style (Cooldown 10s)

-Gives you Strength, Speed, and Jump Boost effects

-Skill 3: UNITED STATES OF SMASH (Cooldown 24s)

-Causes a massive hit and causes 5000 damage to enemies within 12 blocks

-Armor: Todoroki

-How to get

-Armor: Bakugou

-How to get

-Armor: Midoriya

-How to get


Hope you enjoy it <33
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