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Mr.Ghost’s Better Stuff add-on made by GameFireGhost. This add-on adds food, blocks, ores, new equip, new textures and new mobs to the game.

(Teil 2 befindet sich in der Entwicklung, da in der ersten Version einige Dinge fehlen.)

What food is added?

Heard he buy 10 new foods:

– Poisoned smelly potato [0.5 hungry leg]

– raw duck leg [0.5 hunger leg]

– Braised duck leg [3-4 hungry legs]

– raw beef ribs [0.5 hunger legs]

– Fried ribs of beef [3-4 hungry legs]

– Chocolate bar [2 hunger pens]

– Young happy carrot [2 hungry herrings]

– Cookie Heart [0.5 Hunger Club]

– Crispy double everything in one lock he [8-9 hunger herring]

Which blocks are added?

3 new blocks have been added.

– Modern bookcase

– Onyx block

– Onyx ore

The onyx ore is located in the upper world at height X ~ Y25 Z ~ (height 25). It actually occurs in 2-3 ores. 2-4 onyx nuggets fell from these onyx rods, blocks and weapons are used to be heard.

The fire puffer fish spawns in lukewarm ocean biomes, inflicts fire damage, can fly and has 6 hearts.

The modern bookcase A shelf made up of bookcases. It works better as a decoration and on the enchanting table. Modern and heard!

The onyx block A block made of onyx rods and unexpectedly like an emerald block and is lost as “he” is.

What new ores are being added?

There is 1 ore.

– Onyx ore

(Version 2 more)

Which new equip will be added?

2 new pieces of equipment have been added.

– Onyx sword [10 damage]

– Onyx battle ax [14 damage]

What new materials are being added?

2 new material added added.

– Lumps of onyx

– Onyx bar

What new mobs are coming?

There are 2 new mobs.

– Fire puffer fish

– Depht Strider (Not Working)

What new textures are added?

5 new textures have been added

– Enderperle (does not work)

– Fireball

– arrow

– Elytra

– Sign

(Version 1.0.2 is under development. Assumed. By January 2021 at the latest)

When questions or concerns concern

Let me know at:

Discord: GameFireGhost # 6986

. The fire puffer fish spawns in the warm ocean biome, inflicts fire damage, can fly, and has 6 hearts. Its spawning rate (how often it spawns) is 25: 100. This means that it spawns 1 time for every 25 puffer fish.

The modern bookcase A shelf made up of bookcases. It works just as well as a decoration as well as on the charming table. Modern and great! There are 3-6 books per shelf

The onyx block A block that consists of onyx sticks and is just as valuable as an emerald block and just as rare as “he”.

There are traders who allow it to be traded in place of emerald onyx.


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