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MC: Mountain Vacation House [Creation] [Redstone]
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This is a mountain vacation house built on a mountain top. The house is extremely modern with white colors, an outside jacuzzi and lavish furnitures. Even the most simple things like the bed looks incredible. The house is split up in three rooms where one is the bathroom and the remaining two areas for a kitchen, bedroom, dining table and a flat screen TV.

If you are into minimalistic architecture then we can assure that you will love this house. If you are on Android we recommend that you get PocketPower (a redstone mod) and Flow’s HD texture pack as it will heavily impact the look and functionality of the house.

Creator: robert99599

screenshot-2015-07-24-10-37 screenshot-2015-07-24-10-38 screenshot-2015-07-24-10-39 screenshot-2015-07-24-10-39_4 screenshot-2015-07-24-10-40 screenshot-2015-07-24-10-42

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