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MC: More Summonable Entities
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This addon adds back the removed summon  entities such as ghast fireball, wither skull, wither skull dangerous, dragon fireball, shulker bullet  which you can make cool command block creations with.


To summon it type /summon minecraft:fireball

This entity is punchable

Dragon Fireball

To summon this entity you have to type /summon minecraft:dragon_fireball

This entity is not punchable.

Shulker Bullet

This entity can be summoned by typing /summon minecraft:shulker_bullet 

This does not follow the nearest player sadly but you can make it follow the nearest player with command blocks but you wont achieve the same animation as if it were following a player sadly.

Wither Skull

This entity is summoned by typing /summon minecraft:wither_skull

This entity is not punchable

Wither skull dangerous

This entity can be summoned by typing /summon minecraft:wither_skull_dangerous

This entity is punchable