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Did you want more end mobs in your lovely world? You are probably sad the End didn’t get anything in the new update, well then, this add-on is just for you! It adds 8 different kinds of End mobs, but don’t worry, in the future there would be tons of mobs here! But now let’s stick the 8 mobs we have.

Mobs in this Add-On are –

Ender Ghoul: The Phantom of the End! They are Two times the Size of a Normal Phantom, You can mount on these Flying Creatures too! but Be careful! these Phantoms Won’t Go Down so if you want to Un-mount, drive the Phantom to a nearby River, Lake, and Ocean. These Creatures also don’t urn from the sun, so be careful.

To Ride these Majestic Creatures You First must Find them in the Jungle Biome, And then wait for one to swoop you from the air, be sure to be ready to click “Ride” when one of the Phantoms comes attacking you.

Health: 25

Attack Damage: 6 Damage 

Drops: 20 Experience

Ender Creeper: The Creeper of the End, These Creatures are very quiet when hunting their prey, so be careful when being out there, They also spawn in groups in the Overworld. Unlike Normal Creepers these ones are Different, Instead of Exploding Instantly, they first hit you with 1 – 2 hearts and then they explode, They Spawn Everywhere in your World So be very careful where you’re setting camp.

Health: 25

Attack Damage: 4 Damage

Drops: 20 Experience

Ender Pig: They Might Look Very Creepy and Odd, But they very friendly creatures, they won’t annoy you like normal pigs they’ll just mind their own bussiness. Just like the Ender Creeper, they Spawn Everywhere.

Health: 15

Attack Damage: 0 Damage

Drops: 10 Experience

Ancient End Gaurdian: A Gentle Giant, they are very Rare, so good luck trying to find them, They might have a boss bar, but it’s not really important, If you attack one of them, don’t worry they won’t attack back, they are GENTLE GIANTS. Also animation of them is broken so dont complain please.

Health: 150

Damage: 21 ( they dont attack back )

Drops: 120 Experience

Ender Blaze: Welcome, The Blaze of the End, More Stronger and a little bit faster than the Nether Blaze, This Creatures spawns at the Nether and the End Dimension so try to find them, they’re probably not as worth as the blaze, they only drop experience, so the Normal Blaze is better than it’s End Variant

Health: 25

Damage: 6 Damage

Drop: 30 Experience

EnderCubes: Behold the Magmacube version of the END! Just like the blaze these Mobs are more Stronger and Faster than their Normal Variant! They also Spawn in The End and in the Nether Sometimes but they’re pretty rare!

Health: 25

Damage: 3

Drop: 20 Experience

EnderWolf: Just like the Normal Wolf you can tame these Giant Beast, they are also very aggressive to other mobs just like their Original Variant, These Wolves can pack a punch and do tons of damage to you or other mobs, they are also a little bit faster than the small wolf. But even with their size, they are still adorable

Health: 20

Attack: 5 Damage

Drop: 20 Experience

Tameable with Bones

Now Last but not Least!

Ender Skeleton: The Mini Boss, Can Spawn in the Nether Rarely same with the end, they are very rare to find, they are more Powerful and more Faster than an ordinary Wither Skeleton. They are also trice the size of the Normal Variant, So goodluck trying to fight this Powerful Being.

Health: 50

Attack Damage: 50

Drops: 50 Experience and Sometimes Iron

That’s All the Mobs we have in this Add-On Right Now but i hope you Enjoy it.

Important: Turn on Experimental Gameplay or else this Add-On won’t Work in your world.

Short Details: All Mobs Except EnderCube and Ender Ghoul will take damage when touching water.

If Riding a Phantom, Make sure to bring a water bucket or try to land in an Ocean, because You can’t Land Down.