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MC: Misty Neon V2 BIG UPDATE
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Have you already searched for a good texture pack? So, im here to show you my first pack.

Hello, im Tak6295, and now im posting my first texture pack, Misty Neon, it is a texture pack for PVP, but can be used on survival if you want, your choice. This pack include:

  • Sword texture;
  • Tools texture;
  • Armor texture;
  • Items texture;
  • Custom particles (potion and critical hit);
  • Food texture;
  • Invisible inventory;
  • Custom Hearts;
  • Blocks texture;
  • Full grass block;
  • And much more.

If you want to contact me here you have here my Discord: apenas eu#9515

V1 Feartures

Here you can see the hud on mobile, the swords, the tools and diamond armor.

In this picture you can check the custom potion particle and some texturized items, like the grass and wood planks.

Now I can show you apple texture and ores texture, also the critical particles, hearts and xp bar.

And here we got the invisible inventory.

V2 Feartures

On v2 we got a lot of new things, like you can check on changelogs, on the videos, and the photos after this text, I hope you like it!^^


  • Click on "Misty Neon.mcpack" to download the pack.