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Do you think minecraft has few swords? Have new swords in your game. This addon adds 4 new swords that can be crafted and 1 that can only be obtained through commands because it is very powerful, 2 new ores and 2 apples

This addon adds 5 new swords to your game, (some of which were inspired by java edition mods), plus 2 new ores and 2 apple

item list:copper ore , copper ingot , copper sword , copper block , emerald sword , ruby ore , ruby , ruby block , ruby sword , nether sword , nether apple and adminium sword, nether block, emerald apple.

Copper Sword:

this sword can be crafted using one of the new ores, copper.

Sword description: a weak and basic copper sword.

Copper sword: 5 attack damage

Emerald Sword:

This sword can obviously be crafted using emerald.

Sword description: a sword stronger than diamond and weaker than netherite

Emerald sword: 7.5 attack damage

Ruby Sword:

Sword description: a sword stronger than netherite and easier to get

Ruby sword: 10 attack damage

Nether Sword:

The nether sword can be crafted using a nether star, a netherite block and a netherite sword.

Sword description: a sword much stronger than the previous ones

Nether sword: 80 attack damage

Adminium Sword:

This sword cannot be crafted, but it can be obtained through the command: /give @p op:adminium_sword

Sword description: the strongest sword of all, kills any minecraft mob in one hit

Adminium sword: 999999 attack damage

Nether Apple:

An apple much more powerful than the others, gives 16 minutes of: health boost 9, resistance 3, jump boost 2 , speed 5 and fire resistance

Emerald Apple:

an apple that gives 8 minutes of 3 effects: regeneration 3, resistance and night vision

Nether Block:

currently it is just a decorative block.


Copper Ore: can be cast into bars using a furnace

can be found between Y layer: 1 and 65

Copper Ingot: can be used to craft a sword or block

Ruby Ore: when being broken drops ruby

can be found between Y layer: 1 and 15

Ruby: can be used to craft a sword or block

Tools will be added soon