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In Minecraft vanilla you really can’t do much things with melons but now the “Melon Add-On” let you create new items with new recipes.

This Melon Add-On adds some new items to your vanilla world that can be crafted with melons. This means that you can craft new items such as a melon sword with minecraft vanilla melons. 

Now also with Melon Lucky Blocks

The items included on the pack are:

  • Melon Sword
  • Melon Battleaxe
  • Golden Melon
  • Melon Stick
  • Melon Diamond


Melon Sword

  • No effect
  • Damage: 20
  • Durability: 2100

Melon Battleaxe

  • No effect
  • Damage: 35
  • Durability: 2700

Golden Melon

  • No Damage
  • Effect: 

Melon Stick

Melon Diamond

If the diamond version of the Add-On is to expensive because of the many diamonds you need to use, you can download the Gold Edition of the Add-On were you craft everything with gold and not diamonds!

Melon Lucky Block is also included!

Melon Lucky Blocks can spawn many normal and rare itmes such as:
  • diamonds
  • gold
  • dirt
  • food
  • draggon eggs
  • and much more!

Attention !

The Add-On  is still in Beta, so there could be some bugs. If you find some bugs please report on the MCPEDL comments. Also give us new ideas, what should be added.


If you do not activate experimental Gameplay, it will not work!


More updates will come in the future.

If you want to make a youtube video of our Add-On you need to use the official MCPEDL download Link and give credits!

Add-On made by: 

Enderboy HD 1/(CaramelKingdom)

(only published on


1.Click on Download

2. Wait some seconds because of the ads (user friendly ads). 

Here is a help video: Help Video (not our YT-Video)
(We do not use all the ads like in the video but it can help you) 

3. download the map on MediaFire

4. Find the map in your folders

5. Click on it

6. activate experimental Gameplay and add the Add-On

7. enjoy playing :)