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mAPI supports the functionality of some add-ons features. It is a technical library for content creators. mAPI main idea is to make development easier for some creators. Draw, create, play!

Creator: _marcjones_ (Twitter Account)

Project: mAPI_CORE (Twitter Account)

📚 About

mAPI is an addons library developed for easily accessing code without needing to copy block models/render controllers across each project.

💻 For Creators

 Add this in your behavior manifest:

“dependencies”: [
    “uuid”: “3a63ad51-f718-4e72-a957-bd3f295e1577”,
    “version”: [ 1, 0, 0 ]

This will automatically integrate mAPI into your addon. More information in the built-in documentation (“documentation” folder in the mAPI resource pack).

🎮 Supported mAPI Add-Ons

Bioplentia (soon)

You need mAPI to play with supported addons. This is the core.


• Download mAPI on your device;

• Open the File Explorer once you’ve downloaded an mAPI .mcaddon file;

• Go to your Downloads folder;

• Find the mAPI .mcaddon file and click it to import it to Minecraft.

If any addon supports mAPI, then this resource pack will be automatically applied.

Any problems you have while importing mAPI are solely related to your device.