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Hi friends today I bring you a new map with one (story) this map is to survive, be careful when you leave the time ship because you can eat a dinosaur or you can be crushed by a Mammoth. 

Below is the story of the map>>>>>>>

Hello and welcome to the Prehistoric Age, in this Age dinosaurs lived and many more creatures but this world was not peaceful rather was very extreme! Everything was very quiet for these antler creatures that happened the unexpected, a time machine appeared from the burning sky and out of there appeared some new beings 2 came out of the machine and suddenly disappeared into this ancient world.🦖🦕❄️☄️🌠

This map was created to have fun and survive in a prehistoric and frozen world I hope you have fun and more below I will show you some photos of the map and some things. 

1The Ship of Time 

This ship of time has history too, but then the story, I’ll show you some pictures of the time>>>

1Cockpit: This cab has 3 seats and lots of buttons and levers, each button or lever has a function. 

2Additional switches: These switches are used for decoration (for now) I will soon put more functions on it. 

3Nucleo of time: this nucleus is decoration but serves to be able to travel back in time. 

4 Intermediate area: in this area is the door to leave the time ship, food chests, oven tables and more. 

5Loading area: In this area there are many chests to store food and more. 

2In some areas it will be the ship, there are a few time cracks for now, they only decorate but in the future they can kill you. 

Credits of the addons>>>>>>

1Prehistoric life:addon:🦖🦕


2Frost addon :addon:❄️🥶🐧

Youtube channel=https:


Permission of the creators of the addons for the map


Download the mcworld file go to device downloads and open it with minecraft