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MC: Legacy Water Color/Texture 0.2.0a
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Would you like to see the old water again?

This resource pack, you can use old water textures and animations from both Java Edition!

You can also change the underwater view distance to the previous one.

(Supported Languages: Japanese(日本語)/English).

Would you like to see the old water again?(もう一度古い水を見てみたいとは思いませんか?)

This resource pack brings back the old Java Edition of water!(このリソースパックは、古い水に戻します!)

1. Old Java Edition Classic(古い Javaのクラシック版)

No Animations, normal view distance.(アニメーションがないのと、ふつうの描画距離。)

2.Old Java Edition 1.4 (Java版1.4)

WARN:  It is cut in the middle due to the size of the water texture. It may be abolished in the future.(警告:ファイルのテクスチャサイズが原因でカットされます。今後廃止される可能性があります。)

1.4 Water color file: NostalgiaCraft (

3.Java Edition 1.12.2(Java版1.12.2)

LWC’s first water color.(LWCの最初の水の色。)

4.Bedrock Edition 1.2.10(統合版 1.2.10) with Graphics

At the moment, the resource pack cannot reproduce the “color of water that seems to be reflected in the distance”, but I think it looks good.(リソースパックでは「遠くの空の色が反射しているように見える水の色」を再現できませんが、見栄えはいい方だと思います。)

(I think it’s a good one to see from a close distance, but it feels strange in the sea.(近くで見る分にはいいですが、海などでは違和感があります。))

5.Bedrock Edition 1.2.10 (統合版 1.2.10)without Graphics

It will not be optimized.(軽量化はされません)

Please credit if use of resource pack images / codes.


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For personal use / use for screenshots such as Twitter, there is no problem even if there is no credit.


Modifications for personal use are fine, but if you want to publish the modified resource pack, please list the credits and ask me for permission.


Please refrain from reprinting without permission. 🙂


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-The water color of 1.4 may be abolished in the future. Please don’t contact me about any animation bugs.


-What looks like a reflection of the sky color of 1.0.0 water color cannot be reproduced at this time. Please don’t contact me about it.