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MC: Last Day on Earth [Adventure]
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Last Day on Earth is a survival and adventure map which is inspired by the popular game with the same name. You play as a character who is one of the few survivors after World War X. The lucky ones already left for a journey to Mars. But some people, like yourself, were left on Earth and now have to struggle for their continual survival. It’s tough surviving in a world with barely any food and infectious diseases which turn humans into zombies. The ultimate question stands: will you make it?

Creator: umerkk164Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 6 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

The main objective is to collect the materials required for repairing the broken spacecraft and then escape off to space. But it’s going to be difficult. First off you need to figure out a way to survive in these barren lands and don’t fall a victim to the zombies, stray dogs or other creatures lurking the dark. Your best bet is the broken down spacecraft.. you better get started!

The game includes features such as guns, binoculars, custom textures and more.

Important Notes:

1) You HAVE to read ALL the books. The Maintenance report is the most important. It will explain the whole point of the map.

2) There are shulker boxes with important items with a plank-like texture. Many people seemed to completely miss those.

3) Crafting items is not allowed. Changing to peaceful is also not allowed.

4) There is a mini bunker/room at the spacecraft crash site,somewhat hidden, with important items to progress through. Be sure to check that out!


  • Bug fixes relating to command blocks
  • Extended storyline
  • New Easter eggs and events