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Easily choose between a variety of kits for… well… KitPVP. With minimal setup, this function pack is ideal for servers, realms, or just your LAN world. 

Features: Five great kits for every kind of fighter. Like POWER? Go with the overlord. Like speed and agility? Go with the scout or pyromancer. Wanna be invisible? The ghost is for you.


This function pack features five kits to choose from, all of which are carefully balanced in terms of power. They are:

  • Overlord: Super powerful, but consequently heavy and slow (Diamond gear, slowness).
  • Ghost : Invisible, but not powerful (Invisibility, no armor, slowness, blindness).
  • Knight: A good mix of power and speed. (Iron gear, no effects).
  • Scout: Light and speedy (Chain/Iron gear, speed).
  • Pyromancer: Brings the heat to any battle (Chain/Stone gear, speed, one flint/steel).

All of these kits are about the same powerwise, but one might be more suited to you than another. 


Because functions don’t support loops, some setup is required. You will need a repeating command block (/give @s repeating_command_block) with this command inside:

/function kitpvp_loop

Now activate the command block (I’d suggest running this command beforehand: /gamerule commandblockoutput false ). 

Now put any of these commands in command blocks, or run them manually from the chat:

/function overlord

/function ghost

/function knight

/function scout

/function pyromancer

Running one of those will give the nearest player the kit they selected.


You may NOT:

Copy this function pack.

Claim this as your own.

Use this in a video without a link to THIS PAGE.

Publish on ANY OTHER SITE. 

You MAY:

Use this in a server/realm (with credit to me, TheWarHawk2005)

Use this in a private world.

Modify this FOR PRIVATE USE.


This is a .mcpack zip, so it will work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and MCPE. I don't know about Android, I don't have one.

(IPadOS for the win ;)