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MC: JAVA Boats Crafing Addon!
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Do you want to make a boat in Minecraft Bedrock in your world, but you remembered that you also need to make a wooden shovel?

Do you want to change it?…

Do you want boat crafting to be like the JAVA Edition? YES? Then this Addon is perfect for you! 😀

The modification includes Crafting the recipe of boats, and modifies it to be from the JAVA Edition.

For a better and simpler message:

* after installing the mod *

1. Oak Boat

2. Spruce Boat

3, Birch Boat

4. Jungle Boat

5. Acacia Boat

6. Dark Oak Boat

The addon was tested initially on the Bedrock version on Android, then on the Xbox One … So theoretically on a PC with Win10, Series X, S, Ps4, Ps5, IOS, and Switch, it will also work without problems :]


Type on YouTube :P.

If you find the installation for your device, it's OK.