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As soon as you spawn turn around and you should see a couple of extreme hills as well as a small lake. The first thing you probably want to do is to grab the some gold that’s located under you. Go ahead and follow the instructions below to find it.

Dig straight down as seen in the images below and soon you should find about 7 chunks of gold ores. Go ahead and grab that and then start heading up to the surface again so we can explore and find the emeralds.


Once you are up from the underground find the little hill that situated straight in front of where you spawned. A few blocks up from the bottom of the hill is a little grass entity as marked in the image below.

Break the block in front of the grass entity and dig down.


Soon you should reach a cave or tunnel and already you will find some iron ores which you can use to make an iron pickaxe to mine the emeralds.


Follow the waterfall which leads down the cave.


Eventually down the cave you will be left with two options. Either you can walk left or you can walk right. No matter which direction you choose there will be emeralds. But lets begin with the left direction.


Soon you will find your first emerald.


Once you find it head back to where you had to decide which path you had to go previously. This time take the right direction.

And as you can see, just a few blocks in and you will find your next emerald.


Then continue on the same path and make your way down to a pool of lava. But you don’t want to get to the other side of the pool of lava because there are just some iron there – no emeralds – instead you want to get around or through the blocks on your left.

To get past the lava obstacle simply build a bridge (or fly if you are in creative mode) or break through the blocks on your left with a pickaxe.


It’s now you will get to the tons of emeralds.


There are more than 30 emeralds to be found in total so make sure to make the search thoroughly. If you need some help where to go next check out the video below.

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