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Are you boring with npc like villagers, yet? If yes you have to use this addon because this addon will add two variants of new npc namely male and female npc, with a better a.i and can be made friends and even protectors from evil monsters, this addons is still experimental test

This addons will introduce the new NPCs as a better feature than the big-nosed villagers, this add-ons can only supported Minecraft versions 1.16+. You can also make them your friend or even your protector when you want to explore the vast world of Minecraft.

Creator : Reza112 (Twitter)

•) Features :

Male NPC

  • Has different random clothing 
  • Naturally spawns everywhere on overworld (except. Frozen, Snowy, Ocean)
  • Can be tamed with Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot & Netherite Scrap
  • Can be heal with ‘Any Cooked Meats’
  • Can give ‘Crossbow, Bow, Swords & Trident’ to them (if partner)

Female NPC

  • Has different random clothing
  • Naturally spawns everywhere on overworld (except. Frozen, Snowy, Ocean)
  • Can be tamed with ‘Red Flower Types’, ‘Yellow Flower Types’, and ‘Double Plants’.
  • Can be heal with ‘Cooked Meats’
  • Can give ‘Crossbow, Swords & Bow’ to them (if partner)

Preview :

 Skin Selector Section :

Medieval Skins Preview :

Information ! :

  • Please leave a feedback if you found any bugs or problem with add-ons
  • Remember to Activate the “Experimental Mode” on World Setting before you enter the world
  • Don’t use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • If you want to re-upload to another website, remember to write my name on creators and please use my download link !!
  • You don’t need to always create a new world to install this add-ons


 Looking for Installation :

Info : Also you can download this Add-on from MCPEDL Official App