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This world is Hunter Vs Runner but designed for bedrock it is a little bit different from the original ones out there but it has been altered to work on bedrock edition.

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In this world its a classic Hunter Vs Runner situation the goal is to evade the hunter and complete the game. You can set whatever goal the runner and hunter feel comfortable with. (If you cant decide the most common goal is to defeat the Ender Dragon)

The rules: 

You can only be one Hunter or one Runner

Do not craft anything with the hunting compasses

And lastly just dont cheat, thats it!

Getting started:

Once the world is downloaded you will then need 2-4 players. Split these players up into The hunters and The runners. Press the buttons to add the hunters and runners. Once done test to see if it works press Q to drop the compass. You should now be facing the runner. Once you have all this done you will be ready to start.

How to play:

The runner is a simply role your goal is to run set up traps and fight back against the hunters. When the start button is pressed you will be 200 blocks away from the hunter to give you a head start and prevent being killed imediately.

The hunter: your goal is to track down the runner and elimanate them once you have done this you will win. Also with your tracking item you have unlimited uses on it but it does a have a 2 second cooldown.

Issue Fixed!

There was a issue with the hunter losing the tracker once dead but it has been fixed and you no longer have to go into creative to retrieve the item.

P.S If there is any problems write in the comments and I will fix them.

Make sure you have fun!


How do I install the world?

To Install Simply click the link below in th download section you will then be brought to a website (Mediafire) to download the world from.

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