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MC: Herobrine’s Ghost Adventure [Parkour] [Adventure]
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In this epic adventure you will enter a haunted house of horror where ghosts are creeping in the corners and screams heard through the walls. It is a mixture of parkour, adventure and even a little bit of roller-coasting in the end. If you have weak nerves, then this probably is a bit too scary for you. It is the perfect map to play for Halloween.

Full instructions as well as a story line can be found in-game on the signs. Make sure to read the signs and everything to get a full feel of the adventure.

Try use the Halloween texture pack too, but it is not a requirement!


You are a kid in a fairly normal neighbourhood. For the whole night have you been out with your friends and trick-or-treated houses. Your friends have left for the night but you decided to do one last house in the end of the street. It is a large and old wooden house. No human have been seen in it for ages besides on Halloween evenings when shadows and burning candles can be viewed through the windows.

Ghosts have never been anything you’ve thought existed – it is all silly you have thought. As you walk up to the house and up the screeching stairs the door opens slightly. It appears to be the wind which have pushed the door open slightly. You walk slowly toward the door, obviously getting a little bit creeped out. As you raise your arm to knock on the door it opens and inside you can hear a voice.

My child.. come in..

The only thing that runs through your head is that there are no ghosts and this is nothing to be afraid of but still you can’t help yourself from feeling extremely scared. You enter the house and quickly the door shuts behind you and the voice you previously heard starts laughing in an evil manner. As you turn around to grab the door knob to get out of the house it won’t open and you realize you are stuck in a haunted house of horror.

What will happen? Well, that’s what you’ll find out soon..

Creator: funklovesmcpe

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