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MC: The Legend of Herobrine: The Dream [Adventure]
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The Dream is the first chapter in a soon to be map series called The Legend of Herobrine. It’s a mysterious map where you play as Steve who is a brave warrior who are looking into the the mysteries of Herobrine.

While it is surely an adventure map the main priority in the map is fighting and that’s what you’ll do for the most part in the map. It consists of several different levels until you reach the end of the first chapter.

The next map in the series will be Herobrine’s Domain and we will definitely be posting information in this post as soon such is available.


  • Never place any blocks
  • Set difficulty on before entering the map

Creator: SilverSheildCrafter34

screenshot-2015-02-22-10-58_2 screenshot-2015-02-22-10-59 screenshot-2015-02-22-11-00 download