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This texture pack replaces the normal survival hearts with the ones from the Hardcore mode. It also adds other,

In Hardcore Hearts + there are smaller changes to the heart and armor icons.

HH+ should work with every Minecraft version and should also be compatible with the Hardcore mode itself, if Mojang adds it.

Changes in Hardcore Hearts +:

-Hearts are changed to the ones from hardcore mode

-Armor icons slightly changed. Empty and half filled armor slots show broken armor.

-Hearts that are lost now have a sad, almost dead expression

-Hearts you get from a Golden Apple have more visible eyes

-If the player is poisoned, the hearts have a somewhat sad/sick expression

-If the player is withering away, the hearts have a really sad expression.

Changes to the hunger icons are planned, but i can’t promise anything.


Normal Hardcore Hearts

Hardcore hearts + sad, lost hearts and broken armor icons

Golden Apple hearts, with more visible eyes

Poisoned Hearts

Withered Hearts