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MC: Glass UI v3 (Persona Update)
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Dark Glass UI is a smooth ui texture pack for win10 and mobile (possible bugs on iOS).


    retextures for all buttons

    edited start, world select, pause, and settings screens

    reorganized settings

    quick access settings area

    hd background and panorama (4k!)

    no help button

    no featured skins areas 

Special Thanks: Thank you to KalmeMarq for teaching me ui editing

This pack includes around 700 manually edited textures and took around 2 weeks of work to create

enjoy the pack and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments

Start screen

transparent inventory background and NO MORE HELP BUTTON

world picker screen

upgraded hotbar, hp, etc.



Persona Screen

You may: edit this pack for personal use and use this pack in videos or images.

You may not: post this pack to any public places (social media, discord, dl sites etc), take any images or code, or claim this pack as your own work.

editing guide:

1. go to

2. go to com.mojang/resources_packs/glass_ui_v2/textures

3. follow the instructions document located there


lite edition is under 1/4 the size of the normal version, and trades some image detail

tested on Windows 10, android, ios (buggy)

If you have any bugs or feedback please help me out and fill out this form: