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Server ProtocolPocketmine-MP


Fully creative server where you can build what you wish, practise build skills, hang out with some friends. Its  a free server, no paid ranks, no pay to win. Join server, and go and build what ya wish. There are some rules, not many tho:)

Funworld Servers are a long running minecraft server. We have been around since Sept 4th 2014. We have expanded, and grew to reducing to small over the years to fit in with Updates. We have had any YouTubers come and review us over the years too:)

RolePlay server is fully creative, with some cool perks to game play, like capes, cars, pets, and so much more to come.
Our main server is a mixed of survival play, kitpvp, creative and mini games.


Server Name: Funworld RolePlay! BETA

Map: PocketMine-MP