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MC: FNAF 1 (Beta 1.0)
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Do you like fnaf? Do you like minecraft? well this is the map for you! This uses dany foxes fnaf 1 and fredbears diner addons! link to his channel will be below!

1. Dont post this map on other websites!

2. no claiming this map or danys addon as your own!

3. if you make videos on this map link the mcpedl page and danys channel
seriously breaking these rules is an a hole thing to do
make sure to have fun with this map!

images of the map and some teasers just note that some teasers are the beta designs and were changed later on

outside teaser

stage teaser

pirates cove teaser

office teaser

parts and service teaser

an old teaser

the new stage

the new pirates cove

the office

the kitchen

the girls bathroom

prize counter

camera selection area

entrance to the dining area

safe room

main entrance

heres proof of approval from dany fox

note:Freddy Frostbear is my discord username


people with low end devices my experience lag spikes so i suggest turning some settings like fancy graphics, beautiful skys, camera shake, ect off for a better experience

note this is just the beta of the map! i will update it soon and you need to play in for this map to work!

i hope you enjoy this map! also if you encounter any bugs tell me in the comments!