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MC: Find The Button: Redstone Edition [Minigame]
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This map consists of 24 different levels and each one is based on a certain block or item related to redstone. Although each level space is small, some levels are very challenging. If you get stuck on a level then there is also a hint book which you can read to get some tips and information. It works both for single player and multiplayer gameplay. Have fun!

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite
Credits: DiamondGamerAsh, Twitter
Updated: 18 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

There is a button hidden in each level and your goal is to find it. This is required in order to access the next level.


  • Don’t break blocks unless told otherwise
  • Gamemode: Survival
  • Difficulty: Peaceful


  • Added 4 new jumbo levels (now 24 levels)
  • Updated hint book
  • Bug fixes