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MC: Egypt Survival [Survival]
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Egypt Survival is a survival map consisting of several different locations which have been built in a flat world. Currently there are 6 different locations you can visit and they include Qattara Depression, Great Sand Sea, Siwa, Giza, The Forbidden Zone and The End. Explore the tombs, passageways, towers and pyramids and try to complete the different quests listed further down on this page.

Creator: Craftminer07


  • Collect loot to make sure you have enough items to successfully be able to fight all enemies to the very end
  • Trade with villagers at Siwa using different currencies
  • Find 4 portal blocks to make the Nether portal which will take you to The Forbidden Zone
  • Make eyes of ender and build the End portal
  • Find fireworks and a pair of wings and kill the ender dragon
  • Look for a secret place in the End
  • Go to the Achievement Hall
  • Complete the tasks to earn great rewards
  • Look for Explorer’s House and place the trophies in the Trophy Room to get the great rewards


  • Don’t walk outside the locations (meaning, don’t step on the grass or travel to a different location by walking on grass)
  • Play on any difficulty
  • Don’t steal things from the Achievement Hall, shops or the Throphy Room
  • Don’t turn gold ingots into gold nuggets