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MC: Die Sound Effect
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Are You getting mad when someone kills you? Are you tired of normal sounds when dying? 

Then this pack is for you!?!?! This resource pack adds 7 more death sound effects that’s make you less mad when you die! 

You can choose your sound effect from 7 other sound effects! Also you can post your sound effect in our discord server and we can add it in here! 

owHello guys this is NotPiZa 

So i was sitting playing minecraft and i fall in lava, then i was so mad! So i got an idea what if i changed the death sounds it will make players less mad! 

So here there 7 different sound effects that you can choose in this resource pack ! Didn’t find a good sound for you? Join our discord server here and you can post your sound and we will add it in the new update! 

How Can I Change sounds? 

Well its easy here a tutorial! 

First you import the resource pack and you activate it in the general resource packs 

Then you click on the pack and this gear button will appear 

After this a bar with the sounds name will appear and there you can choose your sound! 

And finnaly you save the resource pack and you go to the main screen

Important Notice :

You should restarte your minecraft after you choose your texture ! If you don’t the sound will not work! 


Click on the download button and you will directly download the pack there is no ads no sites its direct!