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MC: Custom Death Entities Animation 1.0.7 New HUD
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Are you bored with Minecraft death Animation?

Let me introduce you my new addon:

“Custom Death Entities Animation”.

This addon adds new animations when the Animals, Mobs or Monsters killed by player.

This addon make the death animation when you kill all Animals, Mobs or Monster looks funny.

Maybe the animation not looks really cool like all Animation Addons that have been created by another Addon Creator before.

But at least, this addon looks cool and realistic in other way.

Video Preview


All Animals Death Animation are same, except the Fish. But i will add the death fish animation in future update.


Blood will spawned when All Animals and few Monsters is killed by player. Maybe for some people it looks disgusting. But this make the Animation looks Realistic.


The Ghost whill spawned when All Animals killed by player. Dont worry, they will not attacking you or haunting you. Because they will fly into the sky dirrectly.

With Angle Halo on their Head, they will looks cute whey they died.


Im not adding custom death animation for all Mobs or Monsters in version.

All Zombie and Husk will entering hell when they got killed by player

The Skeleton and Skeleton Wither Death Animation Are same in this version. I will give different death animation in future update.

Creeper have simple unique Death Animation but.. they are still exploded when they died. 

Pillager have Humanoid Death Animation. I have no words to explain it, why you dont try to download this addon and enjoying this addon by yourself?

UPDATE 1.0.1

Whats new in this version?

Add custom death for Ravager..

Add custom death for Spider and Cave Spider

UPDATE 1.0.2

Video Preview 1.0.2

Whats new in this version?

Change Death Animation of Zombie with the new Humanoid Death Animation ( Only Zombie, not Husk)

Add Death Animation for Zombie Pigman

UPDATE 1.0.3

Add Random Humanoid Custom Death Animation for villager.

They have random poses if get killed by player.

Only 2 random poses available for now.

UPDATE 1.0.4

Theres nothing Special in this update.
  • I just added Evoker and Vindicator Death Animation to the addon.
  • And Update the GUI with my special Theme

Evoker Death Animation

Vindicator Death Animation

UPDATE 1.0.7

Small update by changing the HUD too boost your gameplay more fun..

Add Health Bar for all mobs and animals who have custom death animation.

Customized the Health Player Bar into Heart Rate Bar..

UPDATE 1.0.8

In this version .. i’ve reformated the code for the addon since this addon incompatible with the new minecraft version and new beta version.

And also ive added some feature to the addon.

Animals Death Bodies

Now the animals will spawn Ghost and dead body when they died.

And for some reason i must removing the bloods.


  • Make sure to Activate the “Experimental Gameplay” option in map setting.
  • Make sure the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack is installed correctly before telling me all Bugs in this addon.


  • *You’re not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website
  • *You’re allowed to share this addon On Video platform like YouTube with backlink to:

This Addon Page on MCPEDL

My Youtube Profile (Team Tolol)

  • *You’re not allowed to Modify this addon and share it without my permission


Follow this step if you download McAddon/McPack

  • Install the Addon by clicking or tap the file
  • Select mine craft
  • Wait till the Resources pack and the behavior pack installed