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MC: Danger’s Build Styles 2
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I’m DangerAdventureYT and I’m back with a second world! The first one is way better because this one has minimal effort and not terraforming, but any future worlds I release will be better.

This world will consist of 4 homes: Adobe hut, modern home, poor cobble shack, and a basic wooden hut. These are pretty bad in my eyes, but I thought you might want to see them. 

Adobe hut:

Modern Home:

Simple Wooden Hut:

Poor Cobble Shack:

And finally, the overall picture:

Make sure to leave any questions, comments, recommendations, or concerns in the comment section. Enjoy!


If you do not play on a laptop/pc then this download may not work. There isn't much I can do about it, but feel free to try. I hope you enjoy!