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MC: Cursed Minecraft
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This is a pack which makes Minecraft basically unplayable. What this pack does is change the textures around e.g dirt is now bedrock and lava is water, water is lava etc. This pack was made by DJFIRE so go sub to DJFIRE on YouTube if you want more textue packs? 

This is a cursed mc pack so if course it’s going to hurt your eyes! Just take a look

Yeah this is only some of the textures, end stone is now white wool, obsidian is now glowstone (ather portal inspired me to do that texture) and much much more so make sure to give it a try!


If on Xbox make sure to have my files explorer then extract and copy, then go to isolated storage, packages,Microsoft.minrcraftUWP console, games, com.mojang then resource packs and paste the folder, enjoy 

For mobile just copy the folder in the same location, games com.mojang and resource packs etc and the. Paste.

Do the same for Windows 10