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MC: Castle Corruption [Minigame]
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The infected mobs have been banished from the castle. There is a limited supply of potion that holds the cure to the infection and they are coming to get it tonight! If you want to stay alive, you need to fend off the infected swarm and prevent them from stealing the potion. If they steal the potion, the game is over and you’ll soon be infected.

Creator: SnakeEyesMC, Twitter AccountYouTube ChannelWebsite

How to play?

In this game, you have to beat 5 waves of infected mobs. Each wave gets bigger and stronger. Protect your potion from being stolen and try to stay alive.

This game has custom zombies, spiders, creepers, witches and skeleton.

The vindicator is remodelled to be the potion sitting on a table. The commands for a wave-based game are accessible for learning.

Creator’s Note: I made this game after attending a class on Minecraft game making taught by Cleverlike. I had fun making it. I hope you enjoy!