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MC: Capture The Flag RGB
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Capture The Flag RGB is a bit different from the common CTF map. It’s excellet to play with friends and the first team to reach 50 points wins automatically. Warning: This map is in Spanish.

  • Capture the green flag: it will give you 5 points
  • Capture the enemy flag: it will give you 10 points and remove 5 from the enemy.
  • Kill an enemy: give you a win: the first team that reaches 50 points wins.

Important: The game mode is adventure, which increases the difficulty; since to break blocks you need a “stick” or a “pickaxe” and to break the flags a “shears”.

Also the map has its own economy; to see the money you have you must pause the game; will appear in the list of players.

With your money you can buy kits, blocks, land mines and other things,

Plus you can get items on the small islands.