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MC: BTPvPv1.0
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BTPvP is for MCPE players to play pvp games thee have bow fight and normal fight, but remember before start, first you need to click the ready button from the red team or green team at the lobby. Every finish a game we will give the winner reward for 3 diamonds and you can use them to buy effect for more easily to win, and we have use a DETECT HEALTH mod to know your friends’ health, and about other information,  and hope you have fun!

We have 2 teams for playing pvp, and we make 4 pvp maps: Classic Map (Many Obsidian around this map.), Aether map (White wool like some clouds and floor is dark blue and if you step on it you will get wither.), God Ocean (many water around the map.), and the last map Mountain (stone around the map and there has a big mountain, and some secret in the mountain, and you will start at a broken UFO and at the front of the UFO there was a Ruins and inside the ruins there were some enchanted golden apple in the chest.)

Then at the Lobby we add a SUMO zone for the pvp players at lobby and we make a lobby parkour, and the parkour will have some effects’ blocks, and we make a fight of bow mode for players can use bow to fight.