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MC: Bow Charge Indicator (2 Versions) Resource Pack
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This Texture Pack improves the look of the bow by making the charge phases easier to identify. This will help you identify the phases by having a colored arrow that is based on how charged the bow is. It will start from green, to yellow, and last is red

(example pictures)

This pack have 2 different versions, Light and Dark.

Light Version :

Phase 1 : Green arrow shows that the bow has low charge

Dark Version : 

Phase 2 : Yellow arrow shows as the bow has Medium Charge.

Light Version :

Dark Version :

Phase 3 : Red arrow shows as the bow has Full Charge

Light Version

Dark Version :

And also, you can support me by Watching my video about this pack :


How to Download?

1. Download the pack.

2. If it's a zip file, then rename the file from "Bow Charge" into "Bow Charge Indicator.mcpack"

3. Extract the file into "games" "com.mojang' "development_resource_packs" Extract.

4 Open Minecraft, and it should be at your "Global Resources"