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MC: Blu’s MiniGame Map [Minigame]
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This map includes multiple different minigames such as Disasters, King of the Hill and Hide & Seek. It has been in the works for somewhere around 8 months and it has been through thorough tests to ensure functionality. The games are mostly powered by command blocks and redstone and they are all possible to reset once they have been played. You can choose whether to play this map alone in single player or in multiplayer.

Creator: BluFlyaway, Twitter Account
Updated: 4 February, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

You’ll spawn in the seige lobby. This is for the seige minigame where you will have to protect a snow golem (and yourself) from attacking mobs. You’ll earn iron, gold and other items while playing which you can use for purchasing weapons, enchantments and upgrades via the shop system.

There’s also another lobby which you can go to in order to access more games.


  • Adventure mode
  • Don’t break blocks
  • If it lags turn down render distance and turn off fancy graphics (and possibly turn off clouds)


  • List of Additions:- New Weapons, Gadgets and traps for mob seige battles.
  • XP shops
  • New Disaster(Instability)  in the disasters minigame
  • Lunar New Year Special: Fireworks dispenser and time changer in lobby.
  • New spells:- Abra-Ca-Repulse,Binding Spell, and more.
  • Showdown mode in mob seige. Different showdowns for different arena
  • Reworked some arenas: Dead night Arena is now the Abandoned Lab Arena.
  • Fixes: Hide and Seek now works properly
  • Chances of multiple Disasters occuring is now higher
  • Named the usable items
  • Reworked reward system
  • Preparation time now reduced to 30 seconds
  • Now teleports the player to the reward system after winning in 30 seconds.
  • Spleef minigame should be more noticeable now
  • Moved things around in lobby 1 so it is a lot cleaner.
  • Now displays the GAME OVER title for all players.