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After so much work you, at last, find a mineshaft, then the open a minecart with chest and what do you find – melon and pumpkin seeds, bones, and sometimes some minerals. Well, Mojang that’s unfair you have worked hard for it. This addon changes it so that you get better loot. 

Here’s what all you will find

totem of undying

diamond sword

diamond chest plate

enchanted apples (better chance of finding it, way better)


ender pearl

diamond blocks


shulker box

name tag

emerald block

ender chest

nether star

I opened 11 chests (don’t judge me about the no. ) and here’s what I found

pretty good

a lot of totems this time

Ummm you can decide

emerald blocks & a ton of enchanted apples

idk bout this one


totems , ender chests and nether stars

woah a lot of totems (that chest is full)

enchanted apples



Pretty good results eh?

the chest shown are not placed by me, to make finding  the chests easier I went to  a place that has a mineshaft underneath it and used /tp on the chest since minecart with chest is an entity it came to the surface

Hope you like the addon

Texture pack used in the above images -

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Fell free to tell your remarks in the comments, want more items in the mineshaft chest – tell me in the comments

Anyway Bye


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