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This is a map in which two teams fight each other in many ways, being challenged by an economy system, it’s impossible to spam any attack button. With infinite lives, the goal is to destroy the opposite team’s base entirely, not kill them. With over 3400 TNT per team, hundreds of repeaters, you’ll probably never run out of material to destroy the enemy base.

In this map, two teams from 1-4 members in each team (if there are more, everything costs more since you need more) fight to destroy their enemy’s base completely, the only weapons that can destroy the base are cannons, built by members of the team using the provided resources including 3400+ tnt, 256 repeaters, 256 redstone, slabs and basically any material you’d ever need for a basic cannon. 

You also have an infinite water source for the cannons and obsidian to protect certain parts of the cannons. After all blocks excluding obsidian have been wiped, the team with the remaining blocks wins. (excluding the command blocks too).

Cloning made the chests ultra weird, sorry about that.

You gain money by pressing this button, each click gives you one gold, with 64 gold, you can get one diamond, which can get you almost anything once.

After gaining 64 gold, you press this button and you get your diamond (click only if you have 64 otherwise you’ll lose all of your gold and not get anything.)

Then, you can spend your diamond on whatever purchase you want such as bows for the entire team, flame 1 for everyone’s bows, anvils, arrows, snowballs, fireballs and more.

If you feel as the game is going to take too long, you can press the deathmatch button for 5 diamonds, which sends everyone to a 50×50 deathmatch arena, with whatever gear they have.

After the deathmatch button is pressed and everyone is teleported, the winner will be the last standing team after the fight.

Near the deathmatch button, you’ll see a button to purchase iron gear, this will give you 4 leggings, 4 boots, 4 helmets, 4 chestplates and 4 iron swords, a set for each person. Using this iron gear, the team who has it will get a significant advantage in the deathmatch since well they have gear, compared to the unarmed enemy.

4 iron sets cost 3 diamonds but you can also gain diamond gear by crafting the diamonds (probably only sword) to get an advantage over the iron gear.

Using the fireballs, there is one hidden use for them involving obsidian if you find it please do not write in the comments (it spoils it), rather tell us in the discord server and directly message it to the owner to not spoil it and we will give you a custom role (doesn’t show away from online members but still custom).

Please do not complain about using adfly in the comments, it’s there to protect our work from random websites taking it automatically without permission.

The above is a video showing what’s in the shop that you can purchase using the gold grinder.

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