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MC: 15 Simple Redstone Mechanics
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15 Simple Redstone Mechanics is a world that is redstone topics. It is useful fir your world and it’s easy to build. Here are the names:

1. 2×6 Piston Door

2. Diamond Trader

3. Zombie Trap

4. Basketball

5. Alarm

6. Combination Lock

7. Nether Portal Open/Close

8. Castle Door

9. Checkpoint

10. Automatic Cooker

+1 Bonus Level: Invisible Water Elevator 

11. Fireball Cooker

12. Stolen Alert

13. Hidden Barrel

14. Bowling

15. Vending Machine


1. 2×6 Piston Door (Few redstones was seen inside)

2. Diamond Trader (It trades 1-2 Diamonds)

3.Zombie Trap (Falls in lava)

4.Basketball (Sprint+Drop Item)

5.Alarm (Activate it in Nighttime)

6.Combination Lock (Password: 5973)

7. Nether Open/Close (Open it when you go to the nether)

8. Castle Door (Open/Close is inside the castle)

9. Chackpoint (Stand on the pressure plate)

10.Automatic Cooker (Cooks Faster)

Bonus Level: Invisible Water Elevator (Just put buckets inside the dispenser and activate it)

11. Fireball Cooker (Shoots fireball)

12. Stolen Alert (It alarms when item was stolen)

13. Hidden Barrel (It hides on the wall)

14. Bowling (Look at the red block and throw the ball)

15. Vending Machine (Get the item below the machine)

Trailer: Soon

YouTube: MrDiamond

Facebook: MrDiamond

Available Only In: Mcpedl

Credits: Fed X Gaming, Bow Tie Man and Mumbo Jumbo


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