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MC: After Darkness [Puzzle]
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After Darkness is an adventure puzzle map which includes a multitude of different levels where your objective is to find a way to die in whatever environment you are put in. It’s a story-driven experience with a backstory so make sure that you read up on that before setting off into the world. It’s both a fun and challenging game well worth playing.

Creator: Allswal
Updated: 1 January, 2018 (bug fixes for Death 9, fixed command block issue)


It takes place one night after you’re coming home from work. However, you see something moving in the shadows – blackout – and then soon you find yourself waking up in a cold prison cell.

In After Darkness, you form a friendship with the Darkness after life, who sends you back to combat Light, who foolishly thinks that by eliminating Darkness he can create a perfect universe. Darkness, however, knows that if Light kill him the balance will be upset, and the Universe will tear itself apart within a few seconds.