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This Addon adds a new car that is the A100 to Minecraft Bedrock that is its own car and designed by F-MODS this car belongs to the A series of F-MODS the A100 is a luxury and sports sedan that you can have it in your worlds and cities is a fast sedan with a sporty design.

With this addon you can use the A100 to go on long trips or do races or travel around cities



  •  Gasoline Duration Time:2900
  •  Has Capacity for 4 Passengers
  •  Available in 7 Colors
  •  Has Animations on: Dashboard, Tires, Steering Wheel

Addon functions

 1.Craft your key is necessary to start the car and turn it off

 2.Craft your gasoline is also important for the car to move forward

 3.To obtain it in survival you must craft the vehicle stone

 4.To craft a car you need the vehicle stone that you must put in the stone cutter and you can get your car

 5.To appear a car you will need to drop the item from the car and your car will appear

 How to use the car?

 1.First you will have to start the car with the key after starting you will have to have gasoline to fill the tank with gasoline and voila you can use your car

 2.You can turn off your car and start it whenever you want