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So you want to go up, into another floor, what do you want to use? Elevators! Elevator is a much cooler way to go up than ladder, scaffolding, or even stairs! But you don’t know what elevator that you will build? As always, I have a solution for you! Here is, 5 Redstone Elevators! 

As stated above, in this world, you will find 5 design of redstone elevators, some are very basic, while some are very complex but much more realistic than others! Those are:

1. Water Elevator 


– Fancy


– Sometimes when you’re almost at top, your movement will be a little jerky

2. 2-floor Piston Elevator


– Very basic and easy to build

– Has a call function


– Only 2 floor

3. Old-school Piston Elevator


– Easy to build (it is basically just repeating the mechanism over and over)

– Fast


– Sometimes you will get stuck if your position is not right 

4. Flying Machine Elevator (by: FedX Gaming)


– Very realistic, just like real life

– Has a call function


– The size of the machine is very big

– Currently, there is no way this can be multi-floored

5. Multi-floor Flying Machine Elevator (or Flying Machine Elevator V2) (by: Tomco)


– Has multiple floors

– Realistic


– There is some exposed bit in back

– Capacity is only 2 player

– No call function

So there you are! Choose what elevator is best for your build (or not at all), and build this into your world! Have fun!


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