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MC: -1769469383: The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village)
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I thought I had seen it all. The Nether, The End, The Farlands, but no, apparently not. The Stripe Lands lay far beyond the horizon and very few are ever likely to go their without some kind of cheat (e.g. commands). You can go there using any seed, but I recommend using this seed as then you will be able to find a few generated structures there.

Found by: WraithTheRebel

How to get there?

You’ll spawn in a perfectly normal Minecraft world. No one would ever expect that many Minecraft chunks away there are lands crazier than most people can imagine. One of them being The Stripe Lands.

Make sure you’ve cheats enabled in the settings and then type the following text command: /tp @p 20000000 100 1

It’s very hard to move around there. Most of the time you will find invisible walls blocking the way. Generated structures as the ones below are non-solid, meaning you can fly straight through them.

Just a little further away from the temple you will find an abandoned desert village. No villagers are to be seen. Teleport: /tp 20000112 92 346

Seed: -1769469383