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•This is a first version of the Power Effect Ores RB. This addon adds new ores that give effects to the player to progress more easily in the game, adds, new swords and armor and essences that give effects to the player.

•Here is a description of everything that addon provides. 

Ores ↓

Peridot,,Topaz,Aquamarine,Turmaline,Garnet And Crystal

•Ore spawning sites

Peridot: 0,15y

Topaz: 0,12y 

Aquamarine: o,12y 

Tormaline: 0,12y 

Garnet: 0,11y 

Crystal: 0,11y 

•Armors And Swords 

all the ores above have armor and swords ↑

•Swords Damage:

Peridot: 8.0

Topaz: 12.0


Turmaline: 13,0

Garnet: 12,0 

Crystal: 15,0 

• Armors follow the same pattern of protection as swords the more damage the sword the greater the armor protection

•Essences + Crafts Essences 

 essences are items that serve to make the helmet of each new ore. because only the helmet produces the effects.

Jump Boost Essence → Jump Boost 

Fire Essence → Fire Resistence 

Ocean Essence → Breanding Water 

Life Essence → Regeneration 

Strength Essence → Strength 

Speed Essence → Speed 

Essences ↓

•Armor And Swords → Crafts 

to make the sword armor just repeat the craft below with the other ores

Helmet: the Helmet is made with essence because it causes the effects on the player.





Texture Credits ↓

!!! If the texture becomes invisible, create another world that will surely work!!!


activate the 3 Resources for Mods before entering the world and also walk around the world to generate ores perfectly.