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MC: 1409095604: Biome Diversity (Birch Forest, Swamp, Mesa Islands)
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Once the seed is loaded up in-game you will notice (at least if you fly up in the sky in creative mode) that the spawn is on a huge C-shaped island with a nice-looking bay.


If you continue straight from spawn for a while you will come to a huge birch forest which continues diagonally on your left for quite a while. But if you instead just continue straight forward for some time more you will reach a swamp biome.


To the right direction of where you originally spawned is where you want to go next to explore some unique mesa islands. Besides just exploring the unusual mesa islands you will also find loads of gold there.


Find an open cave entrance behind the huge mesa mountain as seen in the image above. Down there you will find loads of gold. There is literally more gold than coal and iron. Mine it all and get rich quick!

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Seed: 1409095604