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MC: 1405211550: Epic Floating Islands
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A magnificent seed with huge floating islands, multiple villages and a beautiful terrain of jungle forests and flowery hills.

At spawn look to your left and you will see a sand village.


Go to the center of the village and head inside the blacksmith. In the chest you will find the following items.

  • 2 emeralds
  • 3 ink sacs
  • 3 saplings
  • 2 apples
  • 3 obsidian blocks

As quite good loot as you can see.

Get back to where you spawned and this time take a right from the point where you spawned. After you’ve done that you will instantly see a river with some mushroom trees and the beginning of a normal forest.


Follow the river to the furthest left for a while.

Eventually you will reach a swamp biome. Turn a little to your right so you fly over the pumpkins in the swamp biome.


As soon as you see a brown mushroom in front of you go to it and we will use it as a way to navigate where to go next.


Go to the right of the mushroom following the river and continue follow the left hand side all the ways until otherwise is said.


Eventually the river will end but continue just heading into the valley area as seen below and soon it will connect with a second river.

When you see a flatland biome on your left turn a little left (about a 45 degrees angle) in your flying direction so you fly over the flatlands. Soon you should see an extreme hills biome in front of you.

Continue past the extreme hills biome which consists of some spruce trees until you see some more mountains. Pass those and then you should see some epic floating islands further away.
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Seed: 1405211550