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MC: Volcanic Desert KitPvP [Creation]
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This is a medium sized player vs. player map which is suitable for a large group of players. There are 10 different kits to choose between and most of it is designed to let the players decide the way they want to play themselves. It’s great map if you want to improve on your fighting skills while having some fun with your friends!

Creators: Cody2074 (Twitter), Logan2922 (Twitter), Madrussian
Updated: 23 January, 2017 (fixed bugged kit)

How to play?

Begin by picking one of the 10 different classes. You may only change your class once a round has ended. Each class get a unique set of weapons and armor.

Make sure that all players are spread out all over the arena. Then start a countdown from 5 before ultimately starting the round. The objective is to eliminate all other players/teams.

The player/team who is last standing is the winner. You can replay the many times as you want. If you ever run out of kits then make sure to download the world template to reuse the map.

There are a couple of hidden passages throughout the map. For example, here is one. Jump into the lava and see for yourself!


  • Don’t mix kits
  • Don’t use the drops from killed players
  • No camping

Download Map .McWorld
Download World Template .McPack
Download .ZIP