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MC: Vindicator Replacement Addon
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This addon replaces the normal villager with the antagonizing vindincator. They are breedable like how the villagers are. They breed just as much as villagers do! If you have wanted to breed Vindicators now you can. They wear normal villager clothing. I will release an addon that breeds the most requested thing!                                 Vindicators Breeding.

And another thing is there is a lot of things that are breedable. Which is Spider, Iron Golem, Cave Spider, Enderman, Husk, Drowned, Blaze, Witch, Creeper, Piglin, And Piglin Brute. Side Note: Snow Golem can breed too but they won’t. And You can only tame the zombie. Spider. Apple Iron Golem. Beetroot Husk and Zombie. Rotten Flesh Drowned. Golden Apple Blaze. Pumpkin Pie Witch. Golden Carrot Cave Spider. Spider Eye Creeper. Cookie Enderman. Poisonous Potato. Have Fun!!!!