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Have you ever gotten bored of the old ocean, well you are in luck this addon makes the ocean more! This addon is a huge sea upgrade with quick updates. New underwater mobs are added to your game! With this addon, you get a vast adventure with new ores and mobs! Enjoy your vast adventure with just a click! 

Have you ever wanted the Minecraft ocean to get an upgrade? Well, it’s your lucky day because this mod adds more mobs. In this specific version, you get to explore with sharks and lionfish! I will go over each mob, item, armor, and more below! 

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Lionfish are weird little fish that are pretty nice unless you get too close. They tend to stay in groups. Learn more below.


  • Health: 8
  • Exp: 10
  • Move Speed: 0.2
  • Size: 1
  • Damage: 4 with poison


Lionfish will wander the sea while attacking fish for food. They will avoid sharks and fisherman. They will mostly wander with at least 1 other lionfish and this can be a deadly duo! They spawn in all oceans and some rivers. They will only attack players if they are in a 3 block radius and then they will follow the player for a while.


  • 1 Raw Lionfish 


A wild Lionfish wandering the ocean

A Lionfish hunting a tropical fish!


Sharks are wandering predators that will eat any ocean prey but squid. Be careful of these guys! Learn more below.


  • Health: 47
  • Exp: 100
  • Move Speed:0.5
  • Size: 1
  • Damage: 11


These predators will eat almost anything in the water. They wander alone looking for their next catch. They only spawn in frozen, cold, and deep oceans. Mainly these sharks tend to be on lower ocean floors.


  • 1 Raw Shark Meat 


Shark eating a lionfish

Shark chasing a fish


Seastone is an ore that can be found under the ocean floor. With Seastone you can craft a sword and armor. It can be found between y coordinate level 13 – 53 and can easily be found at y coordinate level 33. Find this, and then craft the armor, and you’re ready to explore the vast ocean!


Seastone ore under the ocean floor

Seastone Armor

Seastone armor is the strongest armor, even stronger than Netherite! With this armor, you can explore the ocean with 0 problems. Read more below.

Seastone Helmet 

The Seastone Helmet is the most important piece, by wearing you gain Water Breathing and Night Vision.

  • Armor points: 6 (Fills up 3 bars)
  • Knockback resistance: 0.25


Seastone Chestplate

The Seastone Chestplate is also a very important piece of the armor, as it gives the most armor points.

  • Armor points: 8 (takes up 4 slots)
  • Knockback resistance: 0.25


Seastone Leggings

Seastone leggings are also an important piece giving the second most armor points.

  • Armor points: 7 (fills up 3 ½ armor points)
  • Knockback resistance: 0.25


Seastone Boots

Seastone Boots have the weakest perks out of the set, but they do look nice!

  • Armor points: 3: (takes up 1 ½ slots)
  • Knockback resistance: 0.25


Seastone Ingot

A Seastone Ingot is a very important resource. You need it to make a seastone sword and armor.


Seastone Sword

A Seastone sword is the strongest sword in the game. It can be a huge help when exploring the vast sea!

  • Damage: 10
  • Durability: 200


This addon adds 4 different foods with different perks! Learn more below

Raw Lionfish

Raw Lionfish is terrible to eat; it may even kill you! This poisonous food is obtainable by killing a lionfish.


  • Nutrition: 1
  • Saturation: normal
  • Fatal Poison effect: 60 sec
  • Nausea Effect: 30 sec
  • Weakness Effect: 30 sec

Raw Shark Meat

This Raw meat is almost just as bad as raw lionfish. You can gain this poisonous pork by killing a Shark.


  • Nutrition: 1
  • Saturation: Normal
  • Hunger Effect: 30 sec
  • Nausea Effect: 30 sec
  • Poison Effect: 30 sec
  • Weakness Effect: 30 sec

Cooked Lionfish

This is a small meal but healthy. You can obtain this by cooking Raw Lionfish.


  • Nutrition: 3
  • Saturation: High

Cooked Shark Meat

Now, this is quite a filling meal. You can obtain this by cooking Raw Shark Meat.


  • Nutrition: 8
  • Saturation: Good

There is a detailed description of everything this addon adds.

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