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MC: Ultimate Survival Base
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Hello guys.

Here in this world there are many things to do. this house is from Jeracraft so I thought of making my own effort and improve my building skil. This is so interesting, so check it out. 

Download it for yourself

The Description 

Let me know if you really enjoy this and if you guys have a suggestion comment down below and i will make it for you guys .And all the decorations are inspired by Geminitay the famaus best builder for me, and I want to imitate his skill in building and i want to be like her.

Check this cool texture pack for better experience


There are many things that can be done here, one is to find the button, wall defense, security system and things to survive.

The screenshots 


mining area

enchanting area 

cow and sheep farm


cave house 

nether portal

There’s more Minecraft content soon 


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Thank you  

Stay safe good bye  


How to install?

1. Click the link down bellow.

2.follow the steps.

3.Click the download button.

4.copy to "MINECRAFT".

5.Wait a few seconds.

Thank you,stay safe and enjoy