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Hey guys, sorry for not posting some maps for a while. We need to take a break and find ideas for our new upcoming maps. As you guys can see, we got inspired to make this map from the server HYPIXEL [JAVA EDITION]. Shout out to them for their awesome ideas. So let gets started, this map call “The Bridge”. This map is a pvp map for 1v1, so for those who like pvp, you should try to play this map. But remember, there will be warning you need to take care about. Then, make sure you read all the rules, credit and map info.

So this is the overview of the map :

Main Lobby  

Choosing team lobby  

Main arena  

This is the control room. Just full of command blocks in there. You can try to take a look at the commands if you want to learn something from me, thank you. . Just some simple commands. 

Here you can see our new lobby design that we will never do it again. This design was inspired by our experience builder, “MeiyoKing” from the movie that he watched such as “StarTrek”. For this map, the max player is only 2 person cause this is pvp 1v1 map. Each team only have 1 person. I said it once and I will said it again, make sure to read all the sign so the map will not broke. Recommended by our Commands Engineer “SG5703” you should push the restart map first before playing.

After you have read all the sign in the lobby, you will notice something. Beside the reset button, there will be a start button. For those who don’t know what to do after you read all the sign, you can now start the game by pressing the “Start Game” button, and it will teleport you and your enemy to the “Choosing Team Lobby” for you guys to choose a team. As I said, they will be one person in each team or your map will broke or you device will be explode cause of too much lag, and your potato phone or pc or laptop or even anything can’t handle it. ~jk

In a moment, after you have chosen your team. Our “AI tech” will teleport you to your own cage and the countdown will started. In the arena, you will be given the same amount of item each person. All of the item are enchanted(except for the non enchant able items). Each team island, there is a hole that act as a goal. Each of you need to get yourself in the opponent goals to get marks. The highest mark will count as the winner. This game is limitless so you can play as many game as you want [because the are no limit to this game]. But if you want to end the game, there will be a button that will appear in front of your island after 5 minutes. And all you have to do is just push the button and the game will be ended.


1) Click the link

2) Don't allow anything if the website ask for. 

3) Wait for a few seconds.. 

4) Then press (Skip Ad) 

5) You will be directed to a new tab. Just block any permission the website ask.. 

6) Then wait, just wait!! And if the website asks for permission again, just block it.. Then wait... Wait... 

7) A few sec/min u will be directed to the download link!

8) Download as usual. Enjoy!!